Marriage Weekend

by Scott and Doris Ripczinski

My husband Scott and I have been married for 9 years. It is not the first marriage for either of us. We both had gotten our lives on track with the Lord, however, before we entered our marriage. Since we brought into our marriage past failures and hurts, we made a promise to attend a Christian Marriage seminar of some kind each year. We knew there was going to be continual work, not knowing what that really would be. We have been faithful at that commitment. Last year we started to feel we needed something different than the past ones. I started to feel as though I could teach some of the past seminars. God brought me first to Amazing Love through a friend at church. I attended the Women’s Conference and received great healing. Passion lead me to get my Husband to the Men’s Conference. He came home on fire. When we heard there was the Marriage Weekend, we registered as soon as the date opened.

We went to the weekend with hope in our hearts that God would reveal to us his calling. We had friends and family praying for us to hear the voice of the Lord. We were excited to visit this beautiful campus (with wonderful food, I might add). I can close my eyes and see the moss covered oak trees and water and feel the lovely breeze as I write. We had not had a get-a-way in over 3 years due to family issues. God answered our prayers! Actually He more than answered our prayers. He blessed us so much more than my words could ever tell. My husband had a hard time expressing his feelings. Now, he has not stopped talking. We both heard the Lord, and we both experienced healing from the past baggage we brought in the marriage. One of the greatest gifts from the weekend was that we now have vision in unity for our path with the Lord. We now know what God meant when he said, ”And two shall become one.“ We did not want to leave. It was awesome!

Thank you, Pastor Sharon, and each of your staff for hearing the call and the action it took. Our lives are forever changed.

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