Healing Schools

Come and experience how Jesus Christ can heal your past hurts, renew your life, heal your wounds of sexual abuse, restore your marriages and broken relationships, set you free from abuse, addictions, anxiety, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness and many more areas of your life that negatively impact you. As you are considering to join us for a Conference, please take the time and watch this video clip. We pray that these testimonies will convince you of God’s healing power.

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Our Healing Schools are open to anybody and are inter-denominational.  If you have any questions about our Healing Schools, please consult our FAQ’s section, or ask us.  The Healings Schools consist of multiple Levels.

Healing School

Level 1 Workbook

Healing School Level 1 topics:

  • God Heals
  • Unhealed Hurts
  • Closed Doors to Healing 1
  • Closed Doors to Healing 2
  • Forgiveness
  • Authority & Spiritual Warefare
  • Where’s the Power?

Healing School

Level 2 Workbook

Healing School Level 2 topics:

  • Don’t Waste Your Suffering
  • Generational Healing
  • Depression
  • Healing from Miscarriages and Abortion
  • Addictions
  • Conception to Birth
  • Holy Eucharist for Generational Healing




A Northwest Blessing

Amazing Love Healing Ministry traveled to Salt Spring Island in British Columbia in January of this year for a “Restoring The Soul” Healing Conference. Pastor

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