Advent: Behold I Do a New Thing … Do You Not Perceive it!

by Rev Dr Sharon L. Lewis

Dear Friends of the Amazing Love Healing Ministry:

Healing is perceiving that Jesus Christ has come completely into your life past, present, and forever. Healing is encountering the living Christ in unhealed events and experiencing a “new thing.” Healing is experiencing the incarnational presence of Christ in every aspect of our lives!

We watch God as He touches the orphan child in Roatan with hope who wants to be a star athlete. We listen as a woman cries who has been abused as a child, suddenly experience the cleansing healing touch of Jesus and now come the tears of joyous freedom. We see the Bolivian woman walk who has been bound for 4 years to a wheel chair because a stroke paralyzed half of her body.

Couples who are estranged become reunited. A man who thought he was of no value was lifted up by Christ Himself. A woman who believed she was all alone all her life suddenly was healed by His truth that He has never left her. A worn out pastor who is ready to give up receives new Life and hope in Him to continue on. All healed to walk in freedom and now proclaim the glory and love of God to others. Behold He is doing a new thing!

Won’t you help us keep doing what God has given us to do: Bring His healing love to the whole world! We are not sending out letters and envelopes in order to use His resources wisely in our ministry, but instead we appeal to you through this email letter and newsletter. Many wounded people including leaders and pastors write to us, asking us to come. They are hurting and their churches are hurting. We must bring Jesus the Healer. He makes all things and all people new. Healing through Christ is transforming. Please help to send us in His Name.

Send all end of the year donations to: Amazing Love Healing Ministry 526 Casas Bonitas Dr Nokomis, FL 34275

Thank you so much for your generosity! Your seed will help this ministry to multiply and I pray for God’s favor on you and your family this coming Christmas season and New Year!

In Christ’s Love,
Rev Dr Sharon L. Lewis

(All contributions are tax deductible; We are a 501c3 ministry)

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