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Bolivia 2010

December 2-14, 2010

12 days ... 3 Conferences ...

The Amazing Love Healing Ministry, in partnership with Elevation Ministries, went on a mission trip to La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz in Bolivia from December 2-14, 2010. Our team will be presenting three (3), two and a half day healing prayer seminars to pastors and church leaders from several denominations and anyone interested in this ministry.  Read more about our trip and see our complete photo gallery....

Tuesday, 14 December 2010
The team made it all safely home...

Thursday, 9 December 2010
Thoughts from Pastor Sharon ...

Today we finished our conference here in Cochabamba. The conference room we were supposed to use ended being doubled booked so we moved to an outdoor pavilion, which ended up being the favor of the Lord. The weather was beautiful and everyone in attendance was blessed. Many were healed and released in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. One woman was healed and set free from a very abusive past. Such liberty brings us to tears of gratitude. Tonight we ministered at an Assembly of God’s Church. One man was freed from addictions and others forgave those who had hurt them. I prayed with a high school girl without a translator and watched God heal her deeply. I did not know what He did but she cried and then joy filled her face. She was so excited she hugged my neck saying, “Gracias! Gracias!” God’s language is universal!

Last night we prayed for a young man named Roberto. He had been told he could not sing and was sitting down with his head in his hands. His friend brought me over to him and I began to talk and pray with him. The Lord let me know that if he would risk and come forward and sing he would be set free from the bitterness and anger. He did go forward and he stood there with the microphone in his hand. All were silent… it was very tense. I invited two boys to come and join him to help support. Still silence. It was very quiet. Then he began to sing…a lovely voice came from him as he sang a worship song to God. The boys with him joined in the singing. And JOY broke out! Gloria a Dios.
Roberto sings beautifully   Father Ron teaches on forgiveness   The Lord heals a young Bolivian woman   A young photographer in the making   Our team at an Assembly of God’s Church

Wednesday, 8 December 2010
Thoughts from Steve ... To the body of Christ who may be reading this, I declare God is listening to your prayers and He is answering them despite all attempts to distract Him from the mission. I put the enemy on notice and it is heard and received in heaven: run from this place now for the fire that has been kindled within the hearts of God’s people in Bolivia is about to burst forth as a blazing storm across this country. Those pastors and leaders God’s chosen, will pursue you the LORD, and there will be nothing Satan can do to quench the fire of God! Amen!

The saints of God are uniting through the realization that God is God and true to His word, He is: “Binding up the broken hearted, proclaiming freedom for the captives, and releasing the imprisoned from darkness…They will rebuild the ancient ruins, and restore places long devastated. They will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations… And everlasting joy will be theirs, declares the Lord. Amen. (Isaiah 61). 

 Thoughts from Astrid ... Hola, to all our brothers and sisters at home. The "Incas Revenge' was felt by some of us, but by the grace of God, we refuse to let the enemy slow us down. The glory and the victory belongs to the Lord. After days of ministry and much prayer, healings and traveling, we find ourselves in the middle of our mission trip in Cochabamba, with La Paz behind and Santa Cruz ahead.

Every day we are able to witness God's hand and work among these beautiful people, it never ceases to amaze me how he loves them and how he places His love in our hearts so that we can love them as He does. As the psalmist proclaims: “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning...”
Continue to pray for us, we need the direction, strength and guidance of the Lord every day. Bendiciones en Cristo Jesus.

Please pray: Our team is being attacked with much sickness. We need your prayers so that we are able to stay strong, healthy, and focused on God’s mission here in Bolivia.
Pastor Jim teaches on blocks to healing   Healing prayer   Pastor Sharon blesses the children   Worship at Pastor Ismael’s Church   Happy boys

Tuesday, 7 December 2010
The team woke up in Cochabamba today, a quaint little city in the north of Bolivia, which was named for the grasses that spring up after too much rain. Upon arrival, we realized no plans had been made for the healing conference! But God knew His plans and purposes for the team. Pastor Ismael Vallejos met us at breakfast and got things rolling. The hotel let us use their conference room and Pastor Ismael spread the word to the local churches. God is healing the pastors and bringing unity among the denominations.

After the bus ride from La Paz, the team was glad for a day of rest. We visited the 1122’ statue of Christ that overlooks Cochabamba. Since it was over 1400 steps to reach the stature, we decided to take the trolley up. Only Bishop Ron and Pastor Jim took up the challenge to climb to the top of the interior of the statue.

Please keep the precious people of Bolivia and us in your prayers!
The streets of Cochabamba   The whole team   The city of Cochabamba   Group photo at the statue of Christ   The statue of Christ opening His arms to the people of Bolivia

Monday, 6 December 2010
We have had a very full time of ministry in La Paz and we are needing some rest and a chance to catch our breath a bit. We are clearly breaking through some new territory and it is exciting to see how open the people have been to receive prayer and ministry. Perhaps one of the biggest blessings was to see the two pastoral overseers for La Paz and El Alto, blessing each other powerfully at the end of the final session.

As a team, on Tuesday we were able to share about our highlights and one thing that was impressed upon us was how powerful the sowing Steve has done through the years. It has taken years to earn the respect and trust of the people here. We are enjoying the credibility that he has established and it is not a little thing that we are walking through an open “door”, as this healing ministry is now being planted. There is never a lot of cheering for the sowing, sacrifices, and service in the years of preparation as hard ground is being prepared. But we were able to thank and honor Steve a little (and not nearly enough), for how the Lord has used his faithful labors in this field of service. It reminds me of the rhetorical question from the prophet, “who will despise the day of small things?” Who would dare the prophet is saying, look down upon the dust and mess and apparent insignificance of things during the days of small beginnings. Has not the Lord ordained the beginnings AND the end results? (Zachariah 4).

On a lighter note, Sharon was apparently suffering from hallucinations as she shared in one of our times together that she enjoyed Jim’s sense of humor. And we thought La Paz with its 14,000 ft elevation was free from the threat of malaria.

We appreciate and depend heavily upon your prayers. Thank you.
Ministry time in La Paz   Pastors praying over each other   The busy streets of La Paz   A Bolivian women outside of her shop   Our team having dinner on our way to Cochabamba

Sunday, 5 December 2010
"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" (Ephesians 6:12). That may explain the difficulties we faced in our travels to Bolivia. A vision that I received for this trip was the Normandy invasion. The US and England landed on three beaches in Normandy in order to drive the evil Nazi regime from the land of our allies. The landings were difficult especially at one of the beaches. But our forces prevailed.

Satan does not want us to bring the healing ministry to Bolivia. He has worked hard to stop us, but our God is stronger. We come to fight against spiritual forces of evil with our Bolivian friends, our Bolivian brothers and sisters. Keep praying, God is creating the beachheads--first in La Paz, them Cochabamba, and finally in Santa Cruz. I believe that Satan is fighting hardest in La Paz. There is a history of the occult here, and it is high ground. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Imagine how far the light of Christ will shine from 12,000 feet.

Today we worshiped at Jehova es mi Guerrero. It is a Church of God church, and they were having a pastor’s conference. So there were at least 20 pastors attending. Sharon taught on forgiveness, and we had church wide forgiveness session at the cross. We also spoke scriptural affirmation over everyone in the church. It was powerful and several healings broke out. Pastor Suarez, (the Arch Bishop) had all the pastors present come forward, and the healing team prayed over them. One of the tools that the enemy has used here is creating dissension and bad blood between pastors. It was a joy watching them embrace one another. The Lord even brought healing to the pastor’s families, especially in-between the pastors and their wives; it was beautiful to watch them forgive and embrace each other. Of course the healing was just starting! Wow, it was a blessing for us to see God begin to plant the healing ministry in the hearts of these pastors. We know from there it will expand. God is performing miracles. God is good! Keep up the prayers!
Pastor Sharon with Pastor Suarez, Bolivia's Arch Bishop   Pastor Jim shares his vision of the three beaches of Normandy   The Church of God church in El Alto   The children of El Alto   The children lead us into worship

Saturday, 4 December 2010
Wow! Our journey from Miami to La Paz, Bolivia was nothing like any of our team had ever experienced before. The trip was detoured to Santa Cruz, extended by twelve hours and split our number into three groups, which left us wondering what the Lord’s purpose was in such a tumultuous beginning. We quickly received our answer it was unity! Despite the frustrations of missed schedules, extended waits and added inconvenience our team learned a lot about one another as well as demonstrated great care for one another. With such a beginning we knew the Lord had a powerful healing conference in store for us and His beloved people of Bolivia.

On Saturday, the conference began and we witnessed pastors praying over each other scriptural affirmations as they wept together. The presence of God’s love was so thick, many of us wept. God has begun His healing work. Gloria a Dios! Please continue to pray for us all! Gracias.
View from the plane over the city of La Paz   View from our hotel of La Paz   Pastors praying over each other   Jonathan prays over his grandfather   Worship led by worship team “fuego” – fire

Thursday, 2 December 2010
The team is arriving from various places across the USA in Miami today.  We are leaving later tonight (10.30pm) from Miami and will be arriving in La Paz early on Friday morning (5.30am).  There are concerns about us adapting to La Paz's 13,000 ft altitude. 

The team of 10, led by Pastor Sharon Lewis, are:  Rev. Michael Bruce, Stacie Dionne, Father Jim Hedman, John Houlihan, Rev. Ronald Kuykendall, Astrid Lucas, Jennifer Wert and Steven & Debra Reed.  Please pray for us by name.

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Bolivia, the world's 28th largest country, is a landlocked country in central South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the North and East, Paraguay and Argentina to the South, and Chile and Peru to the West.  The capital, La Paz, is the worlds highest capital at 13,450 ft.

The Bolivian population, estimated at 10 million, is multi ethnic, including Amerindians, Mestizos, Europeans, Asians, and Africans. The main language spoken is Spanish (60%), although the Quechua (21%) and Aymara (14%) languages are also common and all three, as well as 34 other indigenous languages, are official.  The Bolivian people are culturally, racially and socially diverse; a clear reflection of the native indigenous groups that have inhabited the country’s various regions for thousands of years, and a result of the historical assimilation of other races over time. Aymara and Quechua (2 million), Chiquitano (180,000) and Guaraní (125,000) are the four largest of Bolivia's nearly 30 indigenous ethnic groups.

Of the population, 78% is Roman Catholic, 16% is Protestant and 3% follow other religions of Christian origin.  

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