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Amazing Love Healing Ministry


The Amazing Love Healing Ministry started in 1994 at Church of the Holy Spirit, in Osprey, Florida (USA) where Pastor Sharon Lewis served as rector for 15 years. The Amazing Love Healing Ministry was birthed out of Pastor Sharon Lewisí own personal need and desire for Christís Healing and Restoration. Today she pastors this ministry full-time.

A world where Godís healing power is known, accepted and shared by His people
to ultimately bring healing to all.

The Amazing Love Healing Ministry has grown to be a national, international and inter-denominational ministry which is dedicated to bringing the Love, Healing and Reconciliation of Jesus Christ to the whole world. God has given Pastor Sharon Lewis a vision to plant Healing houses all over the world. God wants His Church healed for His glory. The ministry has spread internationally to Rwanda and Uganda healing the devastating wounds and trauma caused by war and upheaval, by past genocide. Today through the healing love of Jesus Christ both genocide victims and perpetrators are being reconciled. Recently the Healing ministry has also been introduced to a church in South Africa. Please have a look at our Partnerships.

Healing, restoring and sending people in the power of the Holy Spirit. We seek to fulfill our mission by establishing healing houses all over the world. To further facilitate this mission we provide conferences, services, appointments and training in healing and reconciliation methods in churches and other venues.

The ministry offers Healing Conferences, Introductions to Healing, Healing Appointments, Education and Training in Healing to individuals, churches and businesses - nationally and internationally. Thousands have attended these Healing Conferences and private healing appointments. We witness Jesus Christ healing past hurts, renewing lives, healing the wounds of abuse, restoring marriages and broken relationships, setting people free from abuse, addictions, anxiety, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness and other negative areas in our lives that keep us from the abundant life in Jesus Christ.

 If you want to hear people testifying how God healed them through this ministry, or if you are unsure what Inner Healing is, or if you need Inner Healing or what happens during an Inner Conference / Workshop or Marriage Get-Away must sure you check the Videos in the Media Gallery section.

This is a personal invitation to you Ö

Come and attend a Healing Conference, or come for a private healing appointment and experience Godís healing power and reconciliation in your own life. Come and be trained as a prayer facilitator or a teacher. Invite us to bring a Healing Conference to your church, ministry organization, or even your business.

The Love, Healing and Reconciliation of Jesus Christ is the hope of the world. As Christís wounded healers, this is the Good News we bring! We know that wounded people wound others, but healed people through Jesus Christ, heal others !

Healing School Level 1 Workbook
A Course in Inner Healing
Healing School Level 2 Workbook
A Course in Inner Healing

ďBring the Love, Healing, and Reconciliation of Jesus Christ to all people.Ē