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Anonymous (wife) Marriage-Get-A-Way 12/19/2011 13:01
What a wonderful weekend experience to share with your spouse to have our relationship spiritually reunited, restored and refreshed. It gave both of us new eyes to see ourselves from a different perspective.
From a Spouse Marriage-Get-A-Way 04/16/2011 18:41
What has changed? Yes, I am more aware of my wife's hesitations and able to verbalize more readily.
From a Spouse Marriage-Get-A-Way 04/16/2011 18:40
Everything has changed. There is tenderness between us in word and deed. (That makes me think of the phrase in the confession "thought, word and deed" and I definitely see how my thoughts about my husband have also changed!) We have laughed at ourselves. We listen to each other. There is hope and even joy. This is so very very different!
Dudley Savage Marriage-Get-A-Way 04/16/2011 18:38
What is different since the Marriage Get-A-Way is that we both have an acceptance & respect for each other that has not been present for some time. The environment in which we live has not changed, though we are. Thanks be to God!
GW Marriage-Get-A-Way 08/05/2010 15:02
The weekend awakened a longing in me to be in a marriage fully surrendered to Jesus Christ. To be in full union with my wife in Christ is the aim of my life.
Gracie Marriage-Get-A-Way 08/05/2010 14:59
I am so glad I came to this retreat! This weekend allowed us to break away from the normal hustle of life and focus on God and each other. During this weekend God affirmed to me that I am married to the person He set aside for me. I also learned that only through centering myself wit! h God could I be centered in my marriage. My true healing came during the heart ceremony. My heart said "Enough". I am enough for God and my husband!
Anonymous Marriage-Get-A-Way 08/05/2010 14:57
"This was an amazing time of healing and renewal for our struggling marriage. It was encouraging to meet other couples who were also interested in strengthening their marriage."
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