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Lois Neuenschwander Healing Conferences 12/03/2012 11:16
Dear Sharon,
You and your ministry team came to Christian Family Fellowship (CFF)some weeks ago. Real ministry of the Holy Spirit occurred as I participated in that service.God took me back to an early childhood drowning incident and released me from a tangled mess inside. Interestingly, one demonic spirit that was called out by a ministry team member in the back room of the church really shocked me.The team member called out the antichrist spirit. I mulled on that for weeks and went to an elder, Candy, about it. We prayed on the phone about it, since it made sense- with witches and some very bad people in my family line.When I got off the phone and had a conversation with someone, I was in for a drastic surprise.The lady I heard talking out of my mouth, so sweet and gentil, had never surfaced in me before. It much evil left me when we prayed that my true personality popped up to the surface for the first time- kind of like a submerged rubber ball.I want you to imagine a train... in the engine compartment was myself. Behind me were a series of railroad cars filled with all the blessings God poured out on me his earnest child and in the caboose was my Savior Jesus.When that antichrist spirit left me, imagine me leaping off that train and yelling, "Jesus...Come get in the engine compartment and drive this train...I,ll ride anywhere You want. And that's just what He did.
Anonymous (wife) Marriage-Get-A-Way 12/19/2011 13:01
What a wonderful weekend experience to share with your spouse to have our relationship spiritually reunited, restored and refreshed. It gave both of us new eyes to see ourselves from a different perspective.
Susan Devotionals 09/06/2011 11:05
Oh my - how I needed to hear your devotional - "Straining at the oars!" God was already showing me this morning how I needed to rest in Him and then He confirmed it when I read your devotional. Thank you!
From a Spouse Marriage-Get-A-Way 04/16/2011 18:41
What has changed? Yes, I am more aware of my wife's hesitations and able to verbalize more readily.
From a Spouse Marriage-Get-A-Way 04/16/2011 18:40
Everything has changed. There is tenderness between us in word and deed. (That makes me think of the phrase in the confession "thought, word and deed" and I definitely see how my thoughts about my husband have also changed!) We have laughed at ourselves. We listen to each other. There is hope and even joy. This is so very very different!
Dudley Savage Marriage-Get-A-Way 04/16/2011 18:38
What is different since the Marriage Get-A-Way is that we both have an acceptance & respect for each other that has not been present for some time. The environment in which we live has not changed, though we are. Thanks be to God!
Ann Rudolph Devotionals 01/21/2011 10:16
Your Jan.1 devotional is coming true im my eyes. I was so touhed and hopeful to hear all those officiating at the Arizona tradegy. Each one I heard quoted scripture including the President.
Debra Gainer Devotionals 11/09/2010 08:40
This speaks volumes - i am looking for that stillness...... it is so easy to be a martha....But!!!to be mary it u must focus
Lois General 10/05/2010 16:42
Just to let you know found the website manageable for this computer novice. Information presented well. Nice job!
GW Marriage-Get-A-Way 08/05/2010 15:02
The weekend awakened a longing in me to be in a marriage fully surrendered to Jesus Christ. To be in full union with my wife in Christ is the aim of my life.
Gracie Marriage-Get-A-Way 08/05/2010 14:59
I am so glad I came to this retreat! This weekend allowed us to break away from the normal hustle of life and focus on God and each other. During this weekend God affirmed to me that I am married to the person He set aside for me. I also learned that only through centering myself wit! h God could I be centered in my marriage. My true healing came during the heart ceremony. My heart said "Enough". I am enough for God and my husband!
Anonymous Marriage-Get-A-Way 08/05/2010 14:57
"This was an amazing time of healing and renewal for our struggling marriage. It was encouraging to meet other couples who were also interested in strengthening their marriage."
Kelli Walters Devotionals 06/03/2010 14:24
Pastor Sharon, Thank you so much for this last devotional. Inherently, God knows just what we need to hear and when we need to hear it. I have been going thru alot of things lately and thinking that I am such a hypocrite and wondering why I am still trying to "be a christian". And then you send this. Thank you for obeying God and listening to His voice. This one has given me food for thought. Love, Kelli
Donna Maddox Devotionals 02/28/2010 13:47
Reading about the wilderness Moses crossed gave me an "ah-ha" moment today. The wilderness is where I have been for almost two weeks! What had seemed to be a perfect 2 weeks approaching...God and me working together to accomplish His leading...Suddenly was an oasis dried up! The phone rang and suddenly I was living a totally different scenario, different set of circumstances and different emotional existence. I had, in a moment's time, gone from an uplifting exhilarating journey led by the Holy Spirit to the bitter reality of earthly existence in the wilderness! To cope, I put my hand in the hand of Jesus for this journey also...I knew I could not walk it without Him. Your devotional helped me to see both journeys with Jesus!
Anonymous Devotionals 01/18/2010 06:50
Hidden in Christ - willing to be humble, misunderstood, not noticed or appreciated by others - a hard calling- Many times I am willing to be in this position, and at other times I want recognition;I wish for fame, for admiration. The only thing that will help me is to seek joy in Christ, then the opinions of others will not matter. Lord, help me have many moments of joy in You.
Pete Healing Conferences 11/16/2009 17:07
At a conference I was asked to give a talk on 'Control'. As men we are taught that we are the head of the household and should be able to provide for our family. We are in control. As I prepared for the talk I came to realize that some of my control extended into God's domain.

As a result, I was healed of alot of control issues through out my daily life. Now, when I am asked to give a talk, write an article, lead a meeting or be a small group facilitator, the first thing I do is go to my quite place and ask the Lord what does HE want me to do.
Lizelle Healing Conferences 10/14/2009 13:38
I was coping very well with my life and believed that I had all my past hurts and issues well under control and tucked away for good, never to surface or interfere with my life again. I really did not think I needed any healing ? until I attended a Healing Conference in June 2008 where God introduced Himself to me as a tenderhearted Father who yearned to see me whole.

In a refining, but gentle way, He brought to the surface all those things I wanted to keep in place and hide behind: emotional isolation, denial, self-reliance, criticalness and intellectualism. With my walls of protection gone, I felt naked and weak... but God clothed me with something far better: love, peace and hope. I am no longer emotionally numb, I am no longer critical towards everything and everyone, I started feeling compassion for people and am starting to enjoy having relationships with them, I am learning to trust God (instead of my own opinions), and I am learning the power of being vulnerable before God and other people.

God did not stop here - He did something which I thought was impossible : during healing prayer, He softened my heart and enabled me to forgive my earthly father. I now carry God's desire for love and reconciliation in my heart. I never want to go back to my 'old self'. I am glad it is gone for good. God renewed both my heart and my mind forever.
John Shelton Healing Conferences 10/07/2009 16:56
Healing prayer and our dear Savior Jesus has been life changing and set me free in my journey. Through prayer, which is at the core of the Amazing Love ministry, the Lord has healed me of so much and is a large part of the quality of life, that I am able to enjoy. Today, I take my burdens and sins to the Lord to be dealt with through support and prayer. Many areas that have been addressed through healing are guilt, betrayal, abandonment and control, among a host of many other areas of my life.

What the ministry allowed me to do is to learn a new way of life and how to deal with the problems and issues that arise. One such issue was a time when there was much strife in my life and I struggled to find any joy even though it was all around me. During prayer, the Holy Spirit took me to a time in my life of great joy in my youth. I was able to experience that wonderful joy again in that prayer and even better this time with the Lord present. After a short time, I asked Jesus take me to a deeper, fuller level with him. He spoke to me at that moment and told me, that even though deeper levels would come, that I need to enjoy the life I had and to truly live in the present. I now know in my heart that is what God wants for us all. I certainly have my moments, but for the most part the striving is gone and the joy returns.
The wounded wound and the healed heal. We are never done; but through the gifts and teachings of healing, a new and better quality of life abounds. My past has been restored, the present is fuller and the promise of tomorrow is brighter. Thanks you Jesus !!!
Emerald Healing Conferences 09/20/2009 08:08
Just this past September at a womens conference in Florida, i went through healing prayer that took me through my whole life, in a matter of minutes! Truth, trust, forgiveness, and love replaced fear, lies, hate and deception. It rid a lot of the weeds that were holding me back from my potential to grow. i look at it as being pruned by a Master gardener so i can bear good fruit (John 15).

The healing i have gone through with Jesus has turned my hurt into hope. It has taught me to love everyone as Jesus does, even when i feel like they don't deserve it.
Rocks-Anne Healing Conferences 08/18/2009 07:26
I can speak to the healing that is done through emotional and spiritual Healing Prayer. I came to my first Inner Healing conference in 1997. I was wounded; I lived in my own personal shell, not willing to open up to many people. I was a perpetual wall flower, there but not seen, by choice. At this conference I was awakened to the Holy Spirit, up to then just a title.

With healing prayer I have come out of that shell to bloom as the Lord intended. Once the healing occurred I was able to step into the call God has had on my life since I was a child. Now I am in full time ministry and I give back to the Healing conferences by serving on the team.
Gerry Individual Prayer Appointments 07/26/2009 14:21
I found the root of my perfectionism when the Lord showed me an incident at age 5 when I responded defensively in a moment and vowed "I will never make another mistake again!". It was so freeing to break that vow with Jesus' help and authority!
Betty Individual Prayer Appointments 06/12/2009 12:08
Several years ago I had a healing prayer session concerning my rape many years ago that I had never reported. I held so much guilt that he may have raped others and I felt responsible.

During my prayer time I had a vision of climbing a steep mountain, one that seemed unattainable. I finally arrived at the top and Jesus reached His hand down to help me up. I actually saw His face and I'll never forget the relief I felt and love I saw in His eyes.
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