amazing love healing ministry


The Amazing Love Healing Ministry is a national, international and inter-denominational ministry which is dedicated to bringing the Love, Healing and Reconciliation of Jesus Christ to the whole world.

God has given Pastor Sharon Lewis a vision to plant Healing centers all over the world. The ministry has already spread internationally to Rwanda and Uganda where it is glorifying God by healing the devastating wounds and trauma caused by war and by genocide. The healing ministry through Jesus Christ is helping to reconcile genocide victims and perpetrators. Recently the Healing ministry has also been introduced to a church in South Africa.

Country Organization Description
South Rwenzori Diocese
Partnership with the Anglican Diocese of Kasese under Bishop Tembo Jackson.

Partnership with REACH. directed by Father Philbert Kalisa, an Anglican priest in Kilgali, Rwanda.

REACH Organization in Rwanda exists to serve the people of the Great Lakes Region of Africa in supporting their journey towards healing, reconciliation and sustainable development.

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“Bring the Love, Healing, and Reconciliation of Jesus Christ to all people.”